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To apply to become a Certified Provider for the PASSPORT or Assisted Living Waiver programs, please apply through the Ohio Department of Aging’s Website Portal at the following link:  http://aging.ohio.gov/Rules#71490-oda-provider-certification

Once you’ve applied online and provided the required documentation, the Ohio Department of Aging will be in contact with the AAA in which your business/organization/residence is located in and that AAA will be in contact to schedule a precertification review visit.

If you have questions regarding the certification process, the rules governing these programs, or are already an Ohio PASSPORT or Assisted Living Waiver Provider and are looking to expand to AAA3, please contact: 

Mary Steele, Director of Compliance and Oversight
Area Agency on Aging 3 

2423 Allentown Rd

Lima, Ohio 45805
Phone: (419) 879-1851 
E-Mail: msteele@psa3.org


Participant direction is a philosophy and practice where individuals have the right and the ability to assess their own needs, determine how and by whom those needs should be met, and evaluate the quality of the services they receive.  Individuals can choose who will work for them, and schedule services according to their preferences. If you are interested in becoming a Participant Directed Provider, please contact the Provider Relations Department as noted above for further information. To be considered for approval as a Participant Directed Provider, you cannot be the consumer's parent, step-parent, spouse, legal guardian, power of attorney, authorized representative, or foster caregiver. Currently unlike other Ohio Medicaid Waivers, PASSPORT does not maintain an active search engine/public database of Participant Directed Providers. If you are currently a provider for another Ohio Medicaid Waiver, to become an eligible PASSPORT provider you must be currently employed or planning to be employed with a participant who is or will be a consumer of the PASSPORT program. Once approved as a provider, if other participants are interested in directing their own care and request a referral, you could be contacted if you as a provider were interested in such.



Please follow the steps below to view rules related to services under the PASSPORT and Assisted Living Waiver:

1. Click the link to the Ohio Department of Aging's website HERE

2. Select "Provider Certification (for use when providers serve consumers enrolled in programs funded by Medicaid)"

3. Select the service to view rules or conditions of participation for program requirements.


Please follow the steps below to view rules related to services under the Title III Care Coordination Program. Note: While this program often mirrors the Medicaid Waiver rules, it’s not always the case. Please pay close attention if you are providing services between different funding sources. 

1. Click the link to the Ohio Department of Aging’s website  HERE
2. Select “Provider Agreements (for use when providers serve consumers enrolled in programs not funded by Medicaid)” 
3. Select the Service to view rules or Conditions of Participation for program requirements 

It is not recommended that rules be printed and copies maintained for use on a long-term basis as often, rules are amended or created and as a result, one may not have the most up to date version. 


All rules with regards to Criminal Background Checks are kept up to date and can be found on the Ohio Department of Aging’s website by following the steps listed below: 

1. Click on the following link: HERE
2. Select “Criminal Records Check and Database Reviews” 


Please contact our Claims Processing Specialist with regards to any questions specific to the following systems, unless you were directly contacted and instructed to do otherwise. You can also contact the Provider Relations Director as noted above for assistance: 
Terri Gierhart, Claims Processing Specialist 
Area Agency on Aging 3 
Phone: (419) 879-2186 
Email: tgierhart@psa3.org


The Ohio Department of Aging (ODA) has developed a new ONLINE electronic billing process. The Direct Data Entry System (DDE) enables providers to electronically transmit bills and receive correspondence via the Internet. In order to utilize this new data transmission process, your organization will need a computer system with Internet access (preferably high speed). 

This system provides the following ONLINE benefits: 

1) Ability to track bills 
2) Remittance Advice accessibility 
3) Will not need to submit hard copy paperwork (i.e. coversheet; invoice entry printout) 
4) Simpler billing process 

A manual and computer based training (CBT) videos have been developed and made available on this website. Once you have read the manual click here and/or viewed the videos, email Claims@psa3.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request your User Name, password, and access to the area. 

Disclaimer: This software is to be used for Billing Purposes ONLY by contracted PASSPORT, Assisted Living, and Title III Providers. Other use can lead to legal ramifications. 

PART 1 - Introduction: Password & Login

PART 2 - Invoice Entry

PART 3 - Invoice Views

PART 4 - Reports


If you are using EDI, you need to complete the EDI Trading Partner Agreement.


To do this, go to http://www.goldenbuckeye.com/, select “Providers and Professionals”, “PASSPORT”, “HIPAA Billing Formats”, then “EDI”.


Complete the EDI Trading Partner Agreement. Once complete, contact the EDI Coordinator to schedule your implementation (also online at www.goldenbuckeye.com).