CARE Coordination

The Care Coordination Program provides information and access of home and community-based services for individuals who are at risk of needing institutional care.  The Care Manager links consumers with resources available in the community.  Funding for the program is provided by Federal Older Americans Act and State Block Grant dollars.  There are no fees for services.  Individuals are given the option to donate or participate in cost sharing towards the cost of services.  This allows more people and their caregivers to be served.  Services have a set cost cap.  Once need has been met or funds exhausted, individual is disenrolled from the program.  This program is designed to be short-term while individual is linked to other community supportive services.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 60 years of age or older

  • Resides in Allen, Auglaize, Hancock, Hardin, Mercer, Putnam, or Van Wert Counties

  • Meets Level of Care at time of assessment

Services that are available include

  • Personal Care/Homemaker Services through a contracted local home health agencies

  • Adult Day Services

  • Chore Services

  • Home-Delivered Meal Services

  • Home Medical Equipment Services

  • Home Modification/Repair Services

  • Pest Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Care Manager Services

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Memory Lane Care Services

Convenience: The program can be offered over the phone. We are also available via email or in person if you have questions or need support.


Follow Through: Throughout the care journey, you may experience ups and downs. Care Consultants will continue to check in with you and adjust to changing needs.


Expertise: Living and/or caring for someone with dementia can be overwhelming and navigating services and information can be challenging. This evidence-based program, developed by the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, helps caregivers and persons with dementia deal with the challenges by providing and organizing information and resources based on specific needs.

Memory Lane Care Services - 419.720.4940 - 2500 N. Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43615 -


Memory Lane Care Services care consultants build one-on-one relationships to provide direction for community resources and health care. The coaching and support is person-centered and focused on problem solving and prevention. Building an ongoing relationship, care consultants, caregivers, and persons with dementia work together to address concerns, identify resources, and plan for the future.


BRI Care Consultation is based on 10 research studies, comprised of four randomized controlled trials and six translation studies. Through nearly two decades of research, BRI Care Consultation has been proven to provide the ongoing coaching and support needed for people with chronic conditions and their family caregivers. The Program helps families by increasing awareness and use of community resources, providing health and care-related information, and strengthening the family care network. Outcomes of these studies include: improved satisfaction with care, reduced unmet needs, less stress, and fewer costly emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions

BRI Care Consultation™ is an evidence-based care-coaching program, designed to help professionals deliver cost-effective assistance and support to individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers by telephone and email. The core components of the Program include: 1) assessment, 2) action planning, and 3) ongoing maintenance and support.