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Specialized Recovery Services

Submitted by: Kristina Seger, LSW - SRS Recovery Manager

Amanda is 54 and is currently receiving services from the Area Agency on Aging 3's Specialized Recovery Services Program.

Medical History:

Prior to qualifying for the Specialized Recovery Services Program, Amanda “over-utilized” the Recovery and Wellness programs and was no longer able to utilize their case management or therapy services. Amanda’s current therapist, Dawn, shared that Amanda was hospitalized at multiple behavioral health units frequently due to mental health, self-harm, suicide attempts/ideations, and alcoholism. Amanda's effective start date on the Specialized Recovery Services Program was August 28, 2019. Since joining the program, Amanda has been hospitalized 28 times for increased depression/anxiety and/or suicidal ideation/suicidal attempt.

Challenges (Barriers to quality care/life):

Amanda has been able to overdose on her medications frequently due to receiving them as a month's supply at one time. She seemingly “burned bridges” in her hometown of Greenville in Darke County due to her extensive use of behavioral health facilities and agencies over the past years.

Action Taken (OHCW/SRSP Staff Members actions or interventions to help remove the barrier):

A Recovery Manager from AAA3 and Amanda’s Behavioral Health providers collaborated and discussed potential guardianship for well as the concerns about the medication allotment Amanda was receiving. The Recovery Manager then reached out to Amanda’s pharmacy and collaborated with her psychiatrist to get her medication allotment lessened. The Recovery Manager also collaborated with Amanda’s guardian regarding Amanda remaining as independent as possible in the community and avoiding further hospitalizations.

Outcomes (Describes the outcomes that resulted from the actions/interventions implemented):

Amanda was granted a court-appointed guardian on October 14, 2021. Amanda has only been hospitalized 4 times since receiving a guardian, with her last hospitalization in 9/2022. Amanda receives her medications twice weekly; first for 3 days and then for 4 days, in order to help Amanda manage her medication administration better. She has been utilizing her medications appropriately.

Amanda’s guardian and Recovery Manager collaborated with the Family Resource Center in Sidney to research and find new housing for Amanda. Amanda moved into a new apartment, with a roommate on 9/1/2022. Amanda has maintained in a new city and new county with a roommate and this location allows her more access to more resources. Amanda just began receiving additional mental health services from the Family Resource Center through case management services. All of Amanda’s behavioral health providers are from one agency, Family Resource Center. This allows her to have a more cohesive team to help treat and monitor her behavioral health.

Amanda's Recovery Manager often encourages Amanda to utilize the services and resources available to her, such as her therapist, mental health case manager, Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor, guardian, Crisis hotline, friends and family, and her affirmations, journaling, and positive quotes/readings. The Recovery Manager has been providing additional support for Amanda as available. Amanda has also been utilizing her resources more frequently and has had better success at recognizing and managing her behavioral health.

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