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Specialized Recovery Services

Submitted By: Jennifer Meyer, LSW - SRS Recovery Manager

Lori has been on the Specialized Recovery Services program since October of 2017 and there have been many hurdles that she has overcome since that time. Lori has struggled in the past with having limited natural support systems and she hasn’t always been consistent with following through on recommendations from providers who have worked with her.

Within this past year, Lori has moved into one of Coleman’s transitional housing units and she is working closely with her behavioral health providers to assist in helping her remain stable. Lori is working through past issues of trauma, abusive relationships, family issues and substance abuse.

Lori is motivated to work on all of these issues, so that she can move forward with having a stable home environment and strong support systems in her life. Lori is appreciative of all of her current providers, including the Specialized Recovery Services program and the assistance they are putting toward her stability and recovery.

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