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Special Nickname for Classroom Volunteer

Submitted by: Miranda van Rooyen, RSVP Program Director

Meet Tom, he has been with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program at Area Agency on Aging 3 since 2017. Throughout these years Tom has held many different volunteer positions with the program. The most recent volunteer position Tom has is being a mentoring/literacy volunteer at West Ohio Community Action Partnership Head Start classrooms in Lima Ohio. Tom has done some amazing things with his classroom children, when the children see Tom, they run over to him and call him “Pop Pop Tom”. Tom said “The looks of appreciation on the faces of those children whenever I read to them, teach them new things, or just sit and talk with them is the most fulfilling for the little ones and for me. Even when I cannot spend as much time with the children as I would like. I hope I have served as a catalyst for the other seniors to get involved in this very enriching program.” This new partnership with WOCAP and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program at the Area Agency on Aging just began a few months ago. However, within those few months the program has recruited and retained 10 RSVP volunteers that go into 7 different head start classrooms throughout Allen County.

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