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Senior Farmers' Market

Living on a fixed income can be challenging and sometimes I have had to choose lesser quality produce because that is all my budget will allow. However, the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Coupons allow me an opportunity to support our local farmer and choose fresh, high quality produce. It's great being able to pick out fruit, vegetables, and honey without worrying about my budget.

A Poem by a Thankful Widow

Late summer and fall brings a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables in Ohio. The beautiful display is visible as you pass farm markets.

But, for some the produce is just a unattainable desire. Now the Agency for Aging has a program called ”Seniors Farmer’s Market”.

This program provides coupons for free fresh Ohio grown food to seniors. The coupons are available from Agency on Aging.

There are some rules for their use.

But, it is easy to shop at farmers markets using them. The fruits, vegetables, and even honey are there for all of us. - A Thankful Widow

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