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Behavioral Health Counseling Beneficial on Many Levels

Submitted by:  Jacqueline Carver, LISW-S

Clinical Director of Mental and Behavioral Health Outreach Services

Behavioral health counseling can be helpful for a variety of reasons, including grieving several different kinds of losses. Moreover, there are several different ways to process losses as some people are more visual or auditory and benefit from different interventions.

One client, who we will refer to as “Lee,” experienced multiple losses in a short period of time, including loss of a loved one, physical health changes, and changes regarding his living conditions. Lee noticed that he was able to express emotions when listening to music and discovered that this provided him with a much-needed release of sadness associated with recent changes.

Lee began incorporating music into his daily routine and has found this very beneficial.Lee now has regular communication with family and friends and feels he has reached a level of acceptance of these recent life changes. Lee now has many plans for his future that he is looking forward to.

For information about the programs at Area Agency on Aging 3 please call the agency at 419-222-7723.

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