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RSVP Computer Class Builds Confidence

Submitted By: Miranda Riidenour RSVP Program Director

Joan is a 69-year-old widow born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada. Joan has lived in Ohio for 52 years now. She worked for Arby’s on Elida Road for 23 years and is now retired.

Now in her retirement years she really enjoys traveling, she gets out often even if it is just to browse around different stores. Joan feels it is very important to stay active. She has several hobbies and tries to keep herself busy by reading, working on crafts, and she really enjoys going to the Eagles in Lima every Thursday evening.

Joan has been involved in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) one on one computer classes since the beginning of June. Joan’s sister saw the advertisement and called to tell her about it. She states she did not know much about computers until she came to our free one on one classes. Joan states that ever since she started taking the classes “I am more confident while working on the computer.” “I am not afraid I am going to do something wrong, like I use to be.”

Joan plans on continuing to attend the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) free one on one computer classes we offer to individuals 55 years and older. Our Retired Senior Volunteer IT Specialist, Gary, has been amazing. While assisting Joan, he went to Walmart with her to help assist with picking out a new computer. She is very happy with her computer and continues to learn more and more. She say’s “Tell every older adult who may be interested in computers not to be afraid. Gary is a wonderful teacher who can come down to whatever level you are on to help you learn more.”

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