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Rise Up to Recover

Anna Hairston, MSW, LSW; Care Coordinator

Awakenings was originally contacted by Adult Protective Services (APS) for a woman who had been financially exploited over the course of several months by people living in her home. APS reported that the woman seemed to have a history of memory issues and possibly some mental health concerns. The people in her home were refusing to pay her rent and continued to take advantage of her memory issues by asking her to help them purchase furniture for which they never paid her back.  The woman was struggling to pay for groceries and keep up with bills as her account had been depleted by these people.  An Awakenings Care Coordinator spoke with the woman about the eviction process to make sure she was safe from these individuals moving forward.  She ended up refusing help with groceries, changing locks, or other services at that time. 

2 months later, Awakenings was contacted again by a local organization that had spoken with the woman.   This time the woman was open to assistance and the Awakenings Care Coordinator was able to get her linked with the West Ohio Food Bank and help her get in touch with West Ohio Community Action Partnership (WOCAP) for their Summer Crisis Program to assist with her bill.  The Care Coordinator also talked with her about transportation if this is a concern for her now or in the future. The individuals are now out of the home and she is getting back on her feet.

Awakenings is a Victim Outreach Program assisting older adults, aged 60+, in their recovery after victimization, abuse, neglect, or exploitation.  For assistance call 1-800-653-7723.

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