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Restored Sense of Life

Submitted by: Dre White, Health Education Coordinator

Sometimes the most powerful takeaways of our services come from feedback we receive from the participants we love to serve.

Barbara, like many other aging adults, was experiencing problems with her balance and had fallen 4 times in a month. As a result, her confidence dropped and a sense of dependency crept in. Barbara enrolled in a recent Chronic Pain workshop and became inspired through interactions with other participants who offered encouragement and reassurance. Barbara shared:

“I just wanted to say I like to listen to you all and every one of you have something to do with my life. This past week, I actually picked up something from another lady. I have an aide that comes in three days per week. I decided to quit using the aide as much— that was my goal this time. Usually I have her do everything. This week I had her back off not do as much. This allowed me to do more than I normally do. Even when the aide is not here, I now do more. My issue is I fell four times in a month and as a result I have been watching my balance. I also have picked back up on my reading. I used to be an avid reader and I have picked up on reading again—about a half hour of reading. So I really appreciate all of you on this call. You are giving me so many ideas on what to do and ways to be better. I do not feel as alone when I am speaking with you or listening to you, because you are giving me all these ideas. So thank you!”

Barbara was able to connect with others battling many of the same things and used the self-management techniques presented in AAA3 health education workshops to empower and re-instill confidence in herself. These moments are so important to remind us that we can still do things that we enjoy, such as reading and empower us to “do more” and take strides to maintaining our independence and living fulfilling lives!

Barbara also shared:

“Thanks to this class I have gained some of my independence back and have gained new interests. This class has brought more meaning to my life. It is a highlight to my week.”

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