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Remaining Independent at Home

Submitted by: Cindy Obermyer, LSW, SRS Recovery Manager

I have been working with an individual who has had an increase in seizures in the past year. Due to his medical condition, he had a car accident in late 2022 and lost his transportation. While he has some central location to access basic amenities, he was struggling to find reliable transportation for things such as upkeep to his home and maintenance, prescriptions, necessities, and entertainment.

I worked with this individual in signing up for the Walmart + Assist to have any goods from Walmart delivered to his home and establishing himself with the local non-emergency medical transportation through Department of Job and Family Services for his medical appointments.

We also worked together to get his prescription drugs moved over to a pharmacy that offers next day delivery. Due to the increase in seizures this individual is not likely to drive again and wanted to make sure to have his resources and assistance available prior to the winter months along with updating his bicycle with new tires and locks for shorter trips.

This individual also worked with me on getting a letter from his neurologist to present to other providers regarding his medical condition. His seizures seem to frequently happen in waiting rooms, medical examinations, etc., therefore they are aware of his situation. We were also able to get him a medical alert bracelet to indicate his seizures/medical conditions.

He is now able to remain independent at home with multiple resources to utilize if needing anything from necessities to a night out on the town.

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