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PASSPORT & Assisted Living Waiver Programs Helping Those In Need

PASSPORT Waiver Program Offers Help and Hope

Submitted by:  Lisa Hayes, RN

PASSPORT/Assisted Living Care Manager

In August of 2022, Natalia and her daughter arrived in the United States after a long journey from war torn Kiev, Ukraine. Prior to arriving in the US, Natalia had a stroke that advanced her dementia and left her requiring 24-hour care. 

Natalia’s daughter Veronika reached out to area organizations for assistance for Natalia. Allen County Job and Family Services referred Natalia to the Area Agency on Aging 3. Through the assistance of Area Agency on Aging 3, Natalia was enrolled onto Passport Waiver Services and has been able to receive much needed services such as home delivered meals, nutritional supplements, incontinent supplies, and transportation. 

Four months after arriving in the United States an unprecedented snowstorm was forecasted to hit the area where Natalia and Veronika were staying. The Passport Waiver Program through Area Agency on Aging 3 was able to assist Natalia and Veronika with moving out of the 3rd floor attic, that had no heat, the two had been staying in. With 2 days before Christmas and the storms’ arrival the agency was able to get Natalia and Veronika set up in an apartment of their own. 

Arriving to the United States with little money and limited financial resources from the Federal Government, Natalia’s daughter Veronika searched for options to financially sustain the two. The only problem with Veronika finding a job outside the home was that there was no one to stay with Natalia, who required 24-hour care. Through Area Agency on Aging 3’s Passport Waiver Program, Natalia was enrolled onto the Consumer Directed Personal Care Program Services. 

Through the Consumer Directed Personal Care Services Program Natalia’s daughter Veronika was able to become certified through the Ohio Department of Aging to be Natalia’s paid care provider. 

Today the two continue to praise Area Agency on Aging 3 and The Passport Waiver as saving their lives by offering so much support and assistance with settling into a new uncertain life in the United States.


Assisted Living Allows Love to Bloom

Submitted by:  Ashley Reynolds, RN

PASSPORT/Assisted Living Care Manager

Rachelle is a 48-year-old woman who enrolled on the Assisted Living Waiver Program in October of 2014. She was unsure of what to expect at first.  What she did know was that her health was declining, she needed assistance with daily tasks that she was unable to perform alone.

She settled in not long after arriving and things became much easier for her; she was enjoying life again.  She was being provided with 3 hot meals a day and no medical attention that she needed. She was grateful for the help in managing her medications and even getting help with bathing and simple household chores. She was happy to have other residents within the assisted living community that she could converse with and enjoy activities with.  But what Rachelle did not expect  was to meet the love of her life in assisted living.

Turns out in November of 2014 a man named Josh enrolled onto the Assisted Living Waiver Program and moved into the same facility as Rachelle. Rachelle said she was smitten by him and soon things took off from there. Some will say its cliche but it’s like the saying goes “it was love a first sight.” Rachelle and Josh began a relationship  that bloomed, and they have been together for more than 8 years now.

Josh a 45-year-old man reports that the Assisted Living Waiver Program allowed him to find an assisted living facility to assist with his needs and led him to finding Rachelle.  Josh reports that due to some health conditions and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) he has not always been able to make safe and consistent decisions. Assisted living has made life easier for him  and he knows  that he is safe there and that there is always someone looking out for his best interest.

Josh will say that life has been difficult at times and that although he’s always been a Christian man being in assisted living has allowed him to have all his needs met and allowing him to furthermore work on his relationship with God. 

Josh and Rachelle’s story is somewhat unique, as not only has assisted living been able to meet their care needs, but it also saved Josh’s life. One day Josh fell ill while at the facility. He was sent out to the hospital rapidly. He needed emergency lifesaving surgery. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking and rapid response of the staff Josh reports, he just might not be here today.

Josh and Rachelle are both very grateful to be enrolled on the Assisted Living Waiver Program.  You could say that Rachelle and Josh aren’t only success stories of the ALW program but also a Love Story.

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