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Ohio Home Care Waiver Program Gives Options

Submitted by: Julia Mason, MSW, LSW - OHCW Case Manager

Greg in 48 years old and is currently enrolled in the Ohio Home Care Waiver Program.

Diagnosis: Greg has recent diagnosis that have qualified for enrollment to the Ohio Home Care Waiver program. He has Malignant Neoplasm of the Brain unspecified, Personal History of (healed) traumatic fracture, Alcohol Dependence in remission, Assault by Knife, subsequent encounter, Personal History of Adult Physical and Sexual Abuse.

Medical History: On June 10th, 2022, Greg was attacked in his home. He was not sure who attacked him, but he was sexually assaulted stabbed and left for dead. His family became concerned when they were unable to reach him for several days. His sister Carrie went to his home on June 14th to check on him and found him unconscious laying face down on the floor. Greg was transported to Miami Valley Hospital and remained there for several weeks until he was transferred to The Rehabilitation institute of Ohio. He was able to go home with the assistance of home health services on July 12, 2022. While Greg was hospitalized at Miami Valley Hospital, it was discovered that he had a cancerous brain tumor stage 4 and was considered to be terminal. Currently, Greg has been receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Greg continues to have nerve damage from of the stab wounds and has difficulty with using his hands and left arm as he finds it hard to grip things with his hands. Greg was enrolled in the Ohio Home Care Waiver program on 8/25/2022.

Challenges (Barriers to quality care/life): Outside of healing from the stab wounds and subsequent difficulties with gripping things, Greg has been forced to come to terms with his recent terminal diagnosis of a brain tumor - stage 4. Greg has been told that most people diagnosed with this type of tumor have 18 months left to live. The doctors have told him and his sister that they believe the tumor has been there for about 6 months. Greg is weaker and nauseous with his chemotherapy and is trying to live a good life with his family knowing that he will die with this brain tumor.

Action Taken (OHCW/SRSP Staff Members actions or interventions to help remove the barrier): Case manager has arranged for Greg to have a personal emergency response button through Valued Relationships Incorporated. Carrie has told case manager that having his emergency button has given Greg a sense of peace and safety knowing that he can ask for assistance at any time. Carrie expressed to the case manager that she was worried about Greg and his nutrition as he is having issues with gripping things and is weaker and nauseous with his chemo and radiation. Carrie wanted Greg to continue to be independent and able to provide for himself, so the case manager made arrangements for Mom’s Meals to be delivered to him weekly. Personal Care Aide services are provider pending at this time and is being addressed weekly as well as posting monthly in the portal.

Outcomes (Describes the outcomes that resulted from the actions/interventions implemented): Carrie and Gregory have expressed such appreciation with the Ohio Home Care Waiver program. Carrie shared with the case manager that without the services, Greg would not be thriving. She indicated that he would be wallowing in his own home with no desire to have a better quality of life. Greg knows that he is dying…he has reconciled with his ex-wife and she has been able to be there for him. He is stronger and feels better because he is able to eat and warm his meals up on his own. Greg feels safer knowing that his personal emergency response button is with him at all times, and he does not feel alone. Greg just turned 48 on 9/22/2022 and he was able to celebrate his life…not thinking about his death. Ohio Home Care Waiver continues to give Greg options, a life and most important a reason to keep fighting. He sees life as being very precious and is appreciative of all the support and care that his family and Ohio Home Care Waiver is providing.

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