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Nutrition Programs: Something for Everyone

Home Delivered Meals Worthwhile and Meets Dietary Needs Submitted by: Dre White, Population Health Director

Problems with mobility can often become more common with age. Studies have shown that about 30% of adults over age 50 face difficulty with everyday activities. “When you look at people with diabetes, that basically doubles. Over 60% of people who have diabetes report some difficulty in their daily activities,” says study researcher W. Jack Rejeski, PhD, a professor at Wake Forest University. Activity limitations include problems such as struggling to climb stairs or push a vacuum cleaner, having trouble bending over to pick up something off the floor, or experiencing difficulty navigating to the local grocery store.

“The loss of independence, the loss of being able to do valued activities, is what really is important to people as they age, so it’s fairly catastrophic from a personal standpoint,” Rejeski says.

Christine, age 62, faced many of these same complications. Significant arthritis and other health issues have made getting out to the grocery store difficult. Christine is also a Type 2 diabetic. Christine enrolled into the Home Delivered Meal Program in June 2022. Christine instantly enjoyed the ease and availability of meals along with the nutritious value.

With getting to the grocery being difficult, meals being delivered to the home was a huge help for Christine. She shared, “… it is so helpful. The delivery man brings them to door and puts them in the kitchen! When meals are delivered, everyone seems to care, and the delivery man goes the extra mile.” Christine went on to share that she appreciates the cheerfulness and friendliness of the delivery!

Along with convenience, Christine also mentions the nutritious makeup of her meal selection. Christine mentioned, “… for me, it is simply 1-2-3 and open the package! There is no thought or effort, no need to count calories or weight”. She went on to share that instead of eating bologna, she gets a great selection with a sound meal that can help with dietary needs. Since enrolling, Christine has been able to give up coffee, eat less sugary snacks, and eat ate properly. Christine has been very satisfied with the meals and shares it has been very worthwhile.

Since starting to receive meals, Christine reports, her meals are delicious and have helped her lose weight, reduce her sodium, and lower her blood sugar levels. Since enrolling, her progress and improvements have been easily noticed as she has lost 40 pounds! Even her doctor is impressed as A1C levels have dropped from a 7.5 to a 6.4! More than anything, Christine reports she is feeling better about herself since losing the weight and living healthier!

DISH Offers Socialization and Interaction Submitted by: LaSheena Thompson, Nutritionist Case Aide

Annie is 78 years old, has been on the DISH program (formally known as Senior Dining) since 2008. Annie is a retired nurse who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She has 2 daughters, 1 granddaughter, and currently raising her 8 years old great niece. Annie moved to Lima in 1990, she has resided in Lima for 32 years. She is a proud member of the Cornerstone Church and actively involved in the prayer group as well as volunteering her time twice a week at the food bank. Annie enjoys helping others.

Annie found out about the DISH Program by word of mouth through church members who were currently on the program. Annie really enjoys being on the program, especially being able to get out the house and socialize with others, meeting new people. She also added that not only are the meals delicious, but also healthy! While the DISH program remained active during the pandemic allowing individuals to use their cards for carry out and drive throughs, Annie was thankful, yet a little sadden because she couldn't dine in— she really missed the interaction with others. Now that restrictions have been lifted, she is able to resume dining in and on Saturdays and she even takes her great niece along with her, which allows them some quality & bonding time!

Annie really enjoys being on the program and hopes that others are blessed through the program just like she been and is very thankful for the opportunity!

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