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Living a Teenage Life

Submitted by: Kris Romo - OHCW Team Lead Care Manager

Catherine is 16 years old and a very happy child all the time and normally can be seen with a big smile on her face. Catherine was diagnosed at birth with Spinal Bifida and Cerebral Palsy. She is verbal and expresses herself very well; however, she did lose the ability to urinate due to neurogenic bowel and bladder.

Catherine lives with her mother and older brother. Catherine loves to go to school! She is a freshman in High School and her brother will be graduating this year. Catherine does have some developmental issues but has not let that stop her from trying new things or simply just enjoying life. She enjoys spending time with her peers and going on class trips. Catherine had a very rough time when COVID-19 forced her to stay home from school.

In her free time, Catherine loves to cook and bake with her mother. She loves to make cookies and pies; especially when she can eat them. Catherine's family is very supportive of her and assists with any needs that she has.

Since Catherine has been with the Ohio Home Care Waiver Program, it has allowed be able to remain at home. Catherine receives aide services which continues to ensure she is cared for while her mother cares for her other children as her mom also has adult children. Catherine’s mother has always given her birthday parties and scrapes up her money to provide for her children. Catherine continues to grow and thrive. It is always so wonderful to see how much joy she brings to those who get a chance to meet her.

She is simply a teenage girl who loves the interaction she receives from others. Catherine’s siblings also help keep her busy by doing things like arts and crafts, which she loves. Catherine’s mother is very thankful for all the support and services she has received from Area Agency on Aging 3.

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