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Home Delivered Meals: Sense of Independence

Submitted by: Tereka Young, Nutritionist Care Aide

Evelyn and Richard in Kenton where they were both born and raised. They share four children, two of which still live in town near them. Richard and Evelyn attend Kenton Full Gospel Church in their community where they work and Richard is on the praise team and plays the drums. Richard is often referred to by his church community as “one of the best drummers they’ve ever heard”.

Richard and Evelyn both had begun facing different health issues over the years, and with their children all adults with their own families, it became harder for them to do things as independently as they were before. Evelyn and Richard were told about the Home Delivered Meals program by their physician’s office. Evelyn stated once she began having a hard time with her vision and Richard undergoing surgery it became more challenging to prepare meals. Evelyn decided that it was time to give the Home Delivered Meals program a try.

Evelyn and Richard have been receiving home delivered meals now since February 2022 with Mom’s Meals. They enjoy the program and the meals very much. Richard says he enjoys the number of options they have but admits he loves choosing his favorite meal because he knows it’ll never go to waste. Evelyn stated how wonderful and grateful they were for the Mom’s Meals delivery driver, and how much he goes above and beyond with bringing the meals in for them, helping to unbox them and his pleasant spirit. Richard says receiving Home Delivered Meals still makes them feel independent without having to worry their children all the time.

Richard states that between their Home Delivered Meals, food boxes from their church and the meals their children sometime drop off to them, they are able to save so much on their grocery bill and not spend more than $50 out of pocket each month at the store.

Evelyn also added they really enjoy the Senior Farmers Market coupons each year as well, where she enjoys getting fresh fruit, vegetables and honey in the summer.

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