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Helping Vulnerable Individuals in Their Time of Need

Stages Behavioral Health Submitted by: ​Jacqueline Carver, LISW-S, ​ Clinical Director of Mental and Behavioral Health Outreach Services

The Stages Behavioral Health success story is about an individual who we will refer to as “Jane.” Due to mental health symptoms, Jane was isolating herself from friends and family and she was having a difficult time trusting others. Jane was hesitant about receiving individual mental health services yet agreed to give it a try. Jane stated she tried similar types of services in the past but had a difficult time attending appointments. Taking the first step and attending the first appointment was not easy for Jane, however; she worked through those fears and consistently attended appointments. Jane found that writing about her experiences and completing worksheets related to the symptoms she experienced was helpful. Jane also found that focusing on her strengths and utilizing effective and positive coping skills was helpful as well. Jane is now working part-time, spending time with friends and family, and engaging in activities that she enjoys. Jane advocates for her needs and recognizes her strengths and positive characteristics.

Awakenings Submitted by: ​Anna Hairston, MSW, LSW, Awakenings Care Coordinator

Awakenings had received a call from Adult Protective Services last summer about a woman who was homeless living in her vehicle. “Sheila” had no money and was currently unable to access her Social Security due to some complications. Awakenings drove out to visit her and see about what she may need help with. She was hesitant to talk as both law enforcement and Adult Protective Services had been checking on her that day, however she did mention needing food. Awakenings worked with West Ohio Food Bank to put together a car-friendly box of food that did not require any refrigeration or heat to eat. At that point in time, she was very appreciative of the food and being able to tell her story, but she did not want any further help. Through the months, Adult Protective Services received more calls about Sheila and local agencies and churches helped put her up in a hotel for short stays, but she would end up back in her vehicle again. In February and March, she had some health problems arise that required time in the hospital and a local family then took her into their home and worked to get her housing. Awakenings received a call once again from Adult Protective Services to see if once she secured housing, if there was any help we could provide with a bed and mattress. A Silver Birch request was completed for Sheila and a bed frame, box spring, and mattress were purchased and picked up and delivered to her new apartment that she had been accepted to. When talking with her afterward, it was clear that she was in a much better space emotionally and finally had hope for the future. This was a lesson in timing, as sometimes at first people may not be in a place to accept help, but perseverance and consistency along with a multidisciplinary approach can work in the long run!

Adult Protective Services - Hardin County Submitted by: ​Travis Hackworth, Hardin County APS worker

AAA3 / Hardin County Adult Protective Services (APS) received a referral for a 90-year-old female who was being exploited. This female purchased a mobile home and had been residing in Alger, Ohio for several years. An out-of-state company purchased the mobile home park. The new owners doubled the lot rent and increased other fees. The female decided that she wanted to find alternate housing. The park owners agreed to purchase the Mobile home for $15,000 and a contract was subsequently signed. The contract gave the female 90 days to vacate the mobile home. The contract stated that park management may inspect the trailer once a month and payment would be made on 12/30/2022. The first and second inspections had no issues. Upon the third inspection the out-of-state agent for the park owners inspected the trailer. He said it did not pass inspection due to moving boxes being inside of the trailer. The agent stated that the contract was void. The agent then produced a new contract with a purchase price of $10,000. The agent used intimidation and ordered the 90-year-old female to sign the new contract.

The female’s son was informed of the new contract. In an attempt to help his mother, he found Hardin County APS from an internet search. The son contacted APS and an investigation was opened. The APS investigator intervened, and the contract was completed two days later with the full purchase price of $15,000 paid to the female.

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