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Heaven on Earth

Submitted by: Ginny Recker, LSW - Retired Senior Options Care Manager

I would like to introduce you to Diane. She currently resides in one our Assisted Living Facilities, and is on the Assisted Living Waiver.  Diane came to this Assisted Living Facility from another area in Ohio where she resided in the Nursing home. Diane reported she was not happy where she was, and decided to look into another area closer to family to move to. Diane was assessed for the Assisted Living waiver, and decided to move into her current home in Assisted Living (AL). Diane reports when she moved to the AL, it was what she always dreamed of, and she said it is "like heaven on earth".  

Diane resided in a private residence prior to her nursing home stay. However, the home became severely infested with bed bugs due to alot of visitors, and somebody bringing them in. Diane reports the infestation was so bad, the exterminator could not even rid the home of them. Diane states this is when she had to move to the nursing home. 

Diane reports being so much happier in her Assisted Living apartment. Diane reports she is able to be more independent, but reports the care she does require is top notch. Diane states when she uses her call light, the aides are there "within seconds". Diane states prior to covid, the Assisted Living would take residents out shopping,  and she likes to shop. Diane advised she never got out while at the Nursing Facility, and never got to do her own shopping.  Diane reported there are other outings and activities to participate in also. Diane reports prior to covid, she liked to go on some of the Field Trips, out for ice cream, or just out for a drive. Diane stated she liked to go to happy hour and listen to the live entertainment.  Diane reports she is so pleased with the actual space she lives in, stating it is "so nice and it is so roomy". Diane reports she can pick what she wants to eat now, and that was never an option while at the previous facility.

Diane has epilepsy as a result from polio/high fever she suffered through as a child. Diane states not being able to do anything for herself in the nursing facility really made her more dependent. She reports since she is at Assisted Living, she has had Physical Therapy and feels she is able to do more for herself now than in the past. Diane reports she would have seizures related to stress and she reports only having a seizure now "once a year". Diane states that her physical and mental health are better than they have been in a long time. 

Diane also has anxiety, but feels that is better also due to living in an environment where she feels supported and "accepted".  Diane advised she makes sure she compliments the aides on what a good job they do.  Diane reports she gets assistance with her showers, medications, housekeeping, and laundry. Diane reports she is able to see the Dr right at the Assisted Living and that cuts down on trips out.  Diane states she could not be any happier, and is grateful she is on the Assisted Living waiver, and that she has ended up at "heaven on earth"! 

This is another story of an individual that is the least restrictive environment, has her needs met, and her health and safety assured, AND is saving the State money! Sounds like a win/win!

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