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Grateful for PASSPORT

Submitted by: Julie Rhodes, LSW - Community Options Care Manager

John, who has been on the PASSPORT program for seven years states “one minute I was working a forklift at my job and the next I was being life flighted to the hospital”.

John had worked as a contractor for years but started having circulation issues in his leg. John stated that his leg was dying, and doctors were unsure how to treat him. He is thankful that they were able to harvest veins from the leg that had to be amputated to save his other. John moved into senior housing to try to make life a bit easier for himself. He had lost his wife years ago but states he is blessed with a step-son who is helpful even though he works out of the area a lot.

The social services director at the apartment complex was aware that John was trying to get used to life as an amputee. Struggling with certain basic daily life skills she called the Area Agency on Aging 3 and requested an assessment. John was assessed and enrolled on the PASSPORT program.

John states that the hands-on assistance his aide gives allows him to get in and out the shower without fear of falling. Something he always had before. He works on trying to get the correct fit with his prothesis and deals with phantom leg pain. He says the nights he has not slept well the aide will come in and help him get something to eat. Something he may not do if no help was in place. John also receives home delivered meals and an emergency response system that he says he always has on in case of a fall.

John voiced how thankful he is for the medical transportation PASSPORT provides. He recently had to have rotator cuff surgery.

"Without transportation I would not have been able to go to therapy and probably would have had to go to a nursing home for my rehab. The transportation provider will take me to my doctor appointments when I don’t feel stable enough to drive myself," he said.

John reports that he has the best caretaker and he enjoys talking to the transportation drivers. He states 10 out of 10 times PASSPORT has been able to get what I need so I can stay in my apartment. I am grateful for all my providers and my care manager.

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