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Going from Assisted Living to an Apartment: PASSPORT helps people live independently

Submitted By: Teressa Lee, Care Manager

Kimberly is a 62 year old and she was born in Lima but onceshe was married she moved to Norfolk, Virginia.  While working in a shipyard in Norfolk she was in a car accident in 1986 which left her unable to work.  Kimberly suffered severe whiplash that left her with migraines and back pain. 

Kimberly eventually went on disability due to being unable to work.  After she got divorced, Kimberly moved back to the Lima area to be closer to family.  Kimberly tried receiving home health services but eventually needed more assistance so she moved into an Assisted Living on the Assisted Living waiver. 

After being in the Assisted Living less than a year, Kimberly wanted to try living in the community again in an apartment.  Kimberly has been on the Passport waiver for a little over one year and is doing well in her apartment with the assistance from her Passport waiver services.  Kimberly currently has an aide come see her 5 days a week, receives home delivered meals and transportation to her doctor’s appointments. 

Kimberly reports that she is happy to be living on her own again and enjoys doing crafts, bird watching and visiting with others in her apartment complex.  Kimberly is grateful for all the assistance she receives and credits the PASSPORT program for enabling her to be living independently again in her own apartment.

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