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Gaining Independence with Assisted Living

Submitted by: Lori Clapsaddle LSW, Senior Options Care Manager

Five years ago, Gail was living independently in her own apartment. She was receiving home health aide and nursing services though began struggling with keeping her Diabetes in check. Gail also was prone to frequent falling. As her falls became even more frequent and blood sugars continued to fluctuate, Gail eventually ended up in the hospital. She was then transferred to a nursing facility for a rehabilitation stay. There Gail decided to remain in the NF long term as she felt living independently had become too difficult.

After 2 years in the NF, Gail’s health had improved and she decided to try independent living again. Four months after she returned to her independent living apartment, Gail fell again. This fall resulted in a fractured ankle on one leg & a fractured big toe on the other. Gail found herself unable to ambulate or care for herself so she was again admitted to a nursing facility for rehabilitation.

After 6 months in the NF, Gail again felt ready to try independent living. Gail’s daughter on the other hand had obvious reservations about Gail’s plan to return to independent living. Gail’s daughter decided to investigate other options and took a tour of Vancrest of Ada Assisted Living. Soon after the tour, Gail was assessed for the Assisted Living Waiver and moved into her new assisted living apartment (site unseen) in November of 2021. Since her move to assisted living, Gail has thrived. Gail’s falls have decreased and her Diabetes is now managed with diet. Gail admits that improving her diet & taking medications as directed has had a positive effect on her overall health. Gail is very sociable and has become friends with several of her neighbors. Gail participates in the assisted living’s in-house Wellness program focusing on improving her mobility. She also enjoys numerous group activities & outings. Gail loves the less restrictive environment of assisted living.

Gail stated “I’ve gained my privacy and my independence” She also added, “I would recommend assisting living to anyone”.

For information about the Assisted Living Waiver Program or to schedule a free consultation call the agency at 419-222-7723.

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