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Gaining Independence by Moving Into Assisted Living Facility

I would like to introduce Anthony who is currently living at Vancrest of Van Wert ALF. Anthony became ill soon after college and had to have extensive rehab services. Anthoy then lived with his parents who provided his care.

Anthony's mother passed away in 2014 and Anthony had to be placed in a nursing home as his care needs were too much to handle at home.

Anthony did attempt to return home with his father for a short period of time and had to return to nursing home as needs were not met in the home.

Anthony was admitted to Vancrest of Van Wert ALF in May 2019 where he has been able to live in his own apartment with assistance of ALF staff. Anthony states it is good to have his own place and know that Staff are always there to assist when need.

Anthony states he gained some independence with moving into the ALF and is very happy that apartment came available for him.

Submitted by: Bobbi Crow, LSW - Care M

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