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Fun, Unique Classes Improve More Than Physical Health

Submitted by: Ashlin Toland, Health Education Coordinator

Marina and Dave live in Allen County. Both are newly retired and knew that they needed to do some exercises to improve their physical health. This prompted them to reach out to Senior Citizens Services (SCS) in Lima. They have been members for years and have been avid participants in cardio, strength, senior fitness, and HIIT pool classes. When Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance (TJQMBB) was offered at Senior Citizens Services, It peaked Marina’s interest! She is not new to Tai Ji/Tai Chi as she had participated in classes previously, and always enjoyed this type of exercise. Through her years of practicing, she has seen improvements in both her physical and mental health. Marina and Dave completed the full 24-week Tai Ji Quan workshop and were model participants! Not long after the end of TJQMBB, I started Bingocize: Fall Prevention at SCS Lima. Marina and Dave were the first to sign up! This class combines exercise, bingo and prizes, music, and fall prevention education all in one. “This was a fun, unique class for health and fall prevention. We improved our balance, and learned simple exercises that we can do daily” Marina says. It's always so exciting to see couples or friends sign up for a health education class together! They hold each other accountable to come to class, and to practice exercises and lifestyle tips outside of our scheduled meeting times. Marina and Dave are the perfect example of determination, and accountability! I could always look forward to Dave’s chipper personality and singing voice during our afternoon walk-around, and Marina’s attention to detail and help with setting up the Bingo game. Not only have they participated in two AAA3 health education workshops, but they’ve also attended Falls Prevention Awareness Day and are planning to join our next 6-month TJQMBB class at the Senior Center! For information about Health Education Classes or to schedule a free consultation call the agency at 419-222-7723.

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