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Find A Ride: Providing Transportation for Individuals in Need

Submitted by Beca Sheidler, Vice President of Aging in Place Ashley Wildermuth (Find A Ride transportation specialist) had a gentleman from Vaughnsville call into the agency stating that his wife had just gotten out of the hospital and was in desperate need of wheelchair transportation for the next day. He was scrambling to find something as he had never been placed in this situation before as his wife was ambulatory and now is non-weight bearing and he is unable to transport her in their vehicle. After him making several phone calls to try to find transportation for his wife to the Cancer Center in Lima, he contacted Find A Ride. Find A Ride was able to arrange wheelchair transportation through Putnam EMS from Vaughnsville to Lima for her platelet infusion. The only thing he needed to do was change her appointment time from morning to afternoon and we were able to get them to her appointment. He was beyond grateful and stated, "he will find Ashley one day to thank her as his wife's treatment was a life-or-death appointment, due to her platelet counts being so low". He was even more appreciative of this service being available to them at absolutely no cost.

What is Find A Ride?

  • We offer transportation for individuals over the age of 60, and for individuals with of any age with disabilities.

  • We can help link any individual looking for help to the transportation option that is right for you.

  • We request that you call at least 48 hours prior to your appointment when requesting a ride.

  • We use contracted transportation companies to provide transportation services.

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