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Find A Ride Program Makes A Really Big Difference

Submitted by: Stefanie Motter, Mobility Manager

John’s life changed dramatically after a bad car accident; he not only lost his vehicle, but he also lost his ability to drive. John has had to have multiple surgeries – including brain surgery – and many medical appointments. John is a veteran of the US military. While he can lean on the help of the VA for some of his transportation needs, they are not available to help him get to his local medical appointments; that’s when he calls the Find-A-Ride Team to help. John stated, “Even when you think you’ve got a really good service with someone, you don’t realize how much another service like FAR can make a difference in your life and help when others can’t. It does make a really big difference!”.

He went on to explain that every experience with the FAR Team is a really good experience, “Everyone has such great personalities and I enjoy joking around with them. I like to joke around with everyone, it’s just the kind of person I am!”. To provide a specific example of how great his transportation experiences are through FAR, he stated, “[Find A Ride’s Provider] always picks me up early and gets me to my appointments with plenty of time to get into the office and get checked-in, I am never late!” For information about the Find A Ride Program or other programs please call the agency at 419-222-7723.

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