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Find A Ride: Assisting During Pandemic

Submitted By: Beca Sheidler, VP of Mobility Management

Kathy C. is a 58-year-old woman who currently resides in Celina, Ohio.  Kathy currently utilizes Find A Ride to gets her to the places that she needs to go, as there are very limited options available in Mercer County.  She lives independently in her own apartment, but no is no longer able to drive herself.  Kathy has a son who lives near her but unfortunately, he is not able to help like she would like because of his work schedule and his family commitments in his own home. 

          Recently with COVID19 and because of Kathy’s age, (not being over 60), it was hard for her to get to the grocery, medical appointments, and other places of importance to her.  With the help of her favorite transportation provider, Clymer Medical Transport, she was able to get to the essential places and get her essential items to help keep her independent in her home.  Clymer was even able to do the shopping on her behalf so that Kathy could remain safely at home during the height of the pandemic.

          Kathy stated that, “without Beca and Shannon I don’t know what I would have done as I had no food and no toilet paper, they are life savers!”.   As many of us know who work at the Agency, some of the people we provide services to are the people we know the most about and they enrich our lives!  Kathy is one of those special people.  She is quite persistent when advocating for herself!  We are glad she keeps us on our toes as we are able to better help others like her find solutions to transportation challenges.

          For more information about the Find A Ride program contact the Area Agency on Aging 3 at 1-800-653-7723.

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