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Care Coordination Program and Caregiver Support

Caregiver Thankful for AAA3's Help

Submitted by: Stacy Moore and Denise Lemmon - AAA3 Care Managers

Since March 2021, Alice and her caregiver, Maggie, have been receiving services through Area Agency on Aging 3’s Care Coordination Program.

This program provides information and access of home and community-based services for individuals who are at risk of needing institutional care.

Alice was diagnosed with dementia two years ago. Maggie, Alice’s niece, has been doing everything she can to keep do what many fight so hard to do—Alice in her home as long as possible.

Maggie does her best to provide care, despite working a full-time job, battling continued health issues for Alice, and supporting her husband who continues to fight cancer. Maggie acknowledge how juggling everything is a huge challenge for her. The Area Agency on Aging was able to step in and lend a small hand to help Maggie in her endeavors. Maggie shares that, “Area Agency on Aging 3 has been a big help and we are not sure what we would do without it.”

Through the program, Alice receives incontinent supplies, attends Adult Day one time a week, and receives an aide a couple times a week to provide some temporary relief. Agency on Aging 3 has been able to purchase a hospital bed and a lift chair that Alice uses daily. Maggie and her husband are so thankful for the help Area Agency on Aging has provided this past year.

Care Coordination Program Helps Improve Quality of Life

Submitted by: Stacy Moore and Denise Lemmon - AAA3 Care Managers

Norma has been receiving services through the Care Coordination Program since April 2019. Normal lives alone and is fortunate to have her daughter nearby.

Due to her severe arthritis, getting around to manage daily duties had become a challenge.

The Care Coordination Program has allowed Norma to receive 3 hours of Personal Care Services and 3 hours of Homemaking services, as well as incontinent supplies. Not only have these service helped Norma manage her day-to-day duties, but she loves her aide and states “they are a god send”. In fact, she shares, “I wish I could have them every day. It has become difficult to do small things like bend over as sometimes I feel dizzy, however, the aide has made these tasks easier!”

Norma also currently receives weekly rides from the Council on Aging to go to the grocery store every Tuesday.

These services have helped improve Norma’s quality of life and she is again able to enjoy the little things in life that bring her joy such as crocheting rice bags and scratchers daily to keep herself busy.

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