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Blessed for the Care Coordination Program

Written by: Melissa Mason,

AAA 3 Care Manager

Lola is 81 years old and receives services through the Care Coordination Program, offered through Area Agency on Aging 3. Lola was born and raised in Lima where she attended Lima Senior High School and graduated in 1956. After graduation, Lola went on to marry Larry in 1960. Lola graduated College in 1962 from Ohio Northern University.

Lola and Larry have two sons David and Gregory. David lives in Phoenix where he works for Liberty Mutual. Gregory lives in a residential home here in Lima, due to medical issues. Lola and Larry’s favorite thing to do was traveling to Phoenix, Arizona. Lola loves crafts, sewing and shopping online. Both her husband Larry and son David suffer from Marfan’s Syndrome which is a hereditary disorder of connective tissue. Larry died in 2016 and also took part in our Care Coordination Program. After Larry passed away Lola had gone into independent living at Cridersville Otterbein.

Lola reports having gone through a lot of medical issues, including COPD, weakened immune system, history of falls, drop foot, balance problems, pneumonia, blockage of bowel, cancer of bowel(removed), hysterectomy, endometriosis, surgery on bottom lip, both knee replacement, veins worked on in legs, swollen ankles on both feet, hearing loss, shingles, and a seizure. Lola will have to receive infusions the rest of her life. As a result of some of her medical issues, Lola needs some assistance with personal care and homemaking. She is able to receive the assistance needed from the Care Coordination Program offered through the Area Agency on Aging 3. She receives aide services through Community Health Professionals and is very grateful for her aide Tasha and the help she receives.

As a result of the assistance she receives through the Care Coordination Program Lola is able to continue to reside in independent living. Per Lola, I don’t know what I would do without this program. I am very blessed!”

For information about Care Coordination Program or other programs please call the agency at 419-222-7723.

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