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Blessed by the Care Coordination Program

Submitted by: Melissa Atha, Care Coordination Program Specialist

Russell is 61 years old and receives services through the Care Coordination Program.

He was born and raised in Michigan and graduated in 1978. After graduation, Russell went into the Navy for a couple of years, once receiving his discharge he went on to drive semi-trucks for a living. Russell and wife Lori have 13 children between them.

Russell reports having gone through a lot of medical issues, including COPD, sleep apnea, shortness of breath, oxygen dependent, and unsteady gait, diabetes, hypertension, Bell's Palsy, weakness, limited standing ability, arthritis. Because of some of his medical issues, Russell needs some assistance with personal care, homemaking, food prep, and incontinence supplies. He can receive the assistance needed from the Care Coordination Program offered through the Area Agency on Aging 3.

Now because of the assistant through the Care Coordination Program, Russell can continue to reside in independent living due to receiving a new bariatric hospital bed and additional services offered through the Area Agency on Aging 3. He receives services such as the Home Delivered Meals.

Russell is truly grateful for the Care Coordination Program.

“I am very blessed,” Russell stated.

For information about the Care Coordination Program or other programs please call the agency at 419-222-7723.

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