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Not Letting Her Illness Take Control

Reva, originally from, Highland Park, Michigan, has been residing in Findlay for approximately 40 years. She has been at Kiwanis Village in Findlay for the past year.

Reva is happy to say she is recently retired. Her career saw stops at an attorney’s office, a few private law practices, a sheriffs office, along with the prosecutor’s office. She will be retired for 2 years as of July 2019.

Reva has 2 children—one daughter, Sarah, and a son, Josiah. Sarah works with children with behavioral issues and Josiah, who resides in Connecticut, possesses several masters’ degrees and is currently working on his PhD from Brown University. Her two wonderful children have brought her three amazing grandchildren, Sam (17), Bekah (15), and Naomi (10 months). Each is a joy to Reva’s life.

Following two strokes to her optic nerve, one to each, Reva’s Nutritionist asked Reva if she had ever been told she could have diabetes. Reva quickly assured she had not. Reva lost much of her eyesight and as a result was not able to do enjoy some of her longtime passions such as decorating wreaths and reading. Eventually the Nutritionist talked Reva into getting some blood work done where they found Reva was pre-diabetic.

Following her diagnosis is where the inspiration comes. Just 6 months later, Reva went back to that same Nutritionist and found she had dropped 20 pounds and there was no longer any evidence of diabetes.

How did she do it? “Well, that’s how serious I took it”, Reva stated. She went on to confess, “I knew I had to take the steps to not have diabetes control me, but to control my diabetes. I realized my illness, was mine to conquer.” Reva made huge efforts to monitor her diet and also found enjoyment exercising. One of her favorite spots is the exercise room at the Kiwanis Village. “Some things we have to deal with in life, but the things I can control empower me. I control what goes on my dinner plate, and how much I can exercise, and what modifications I can make to make things work for me”.

Following her turnaround, Reva did not stop there. She saw a newsletter at 50 North and noticed the Diabetes Self Management Program. “You can never have too much information”, she shared. She attended the class because of the commitment she had to herself.

Reva is a true inspiration and a prime example that you can do anything you set your mind to. Her commitment to herself has significantly bettered her quality of life simply because she focused on the controllable. She reminds everyone that there is always something to be thankful for and that you have full control over your health and only you can make the changes that you need.

Today, Reva is able to do enjoy her friends at 50 North where they get together to play cards. She also reads, exercises frequently, and most importantly is able to rest and fully enjoy her retirement days!

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