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A Learning Process: Reflecting on a year at AAA3

So I have been at the Area Agency on Aging 3 for over a year now as the Marketing Coordinator. I come from a media background and boy has there been a learning curve! The acronyms that are so common for the Social Workers and Registered Nurses might as well been a foreign language when I first started. I'm learning.

There is so much that goes on here on a daily basis that it is hard for everyone here to keep up and know everything. Rules are always changing with the government, funding comes and goes, the individuals we serve come and go, there are always people in need, and there are not enough hours in the day.

I have gained a completely different perspective for the folks that work with these individuals that we serve at AAA3. From the Case Aides, Care Managers, and the Management Staff, as well as those that administer the programs and handle the financial side of things. The people here do the things they do because of their passion and drive to help others. Being in the service, non-profit industry isn't easy and isn't always fun, but it takes a special person with a kind heart, loyal demeanor, and a willingness to roll with the changes that are constant.

My manager asked me to look at the blog and see about posting things and how we could better utilize it. We have stories from our team here, sharing about individuals that we call "Success Stories". So I thought that perhaps I could offer a different point of view. As someone that doesn't have the background in this type of environment and share what we do. I hope that our friends, individuals, and anyone interested in AAA3 will learn along with me!

So watch for blog postings coming your way as I walk you through the different programs, services and areas that the Area Agency on Aging 3 can provide support and help with to individuals on our programs.

"Nonprofit organizations are at work every day in our communities, and their work is evident in the people they are serving." - Grace King

Jolene Molaski, Marketing Coordinator

Area Agency on Aging 3

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