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OHCW Program Brings Peace of Mind

Submitted By: Melissa Zell, OHCW Care Manager

Suzanne started with the Ohio Home Care Waiver Program in January of 2019 and is approaching her one year anniversary with the program.

Suzanne states being on the Waiver program has benefited her greatly. Suzanne is now able to live independently in her own apartment in a retirement community with the assistance of services that the Waiver program offers. Suzanne currently receives aide services of two hours a day, 4 days a week. Aide services help her with personal care services and housekeeping tasks. Suzanne receives meal deliveries of 7 meals per week that allows her to be able to heat up meals for herself when providers are not in the home. She also has a Personal Emergency Response system. Suzanne states that her Personal Emergency Response button brings her peace of mind knowing that if she is alone and has an emergency, help is within arm’s reach.

Suzanne states before receiving Waiver services trying to accomplish simple tasks such as bathing and cleaning would take hours, if she was able to complete them at all and it has been a huge help having people in the home to help. She says it has made life more enjoyable and she doesn’t feel overwhelmed or trapped in her own home any more. Suzanne says the Waiver program has brought comfort to her life by knowing providers are with her weekly and can help spot any potential issues that may arise and respond to them quickly thus averting further complications with her health.

Overall the Ohio Home Care Waiver program has brought Suzanne peace of mind and a more positive outlook on life.

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