Kicking off our blog, a few weeks late!

Thank you for clicking on the link that brought you to the new Area Agency on Aging 3 blog! I hope you will follow our blog and share it with your loved ones.

Back in June I attended a social media conference and was inspired in many ways on how to promote the agency. The importance of companies having a blog was something almost every presenter discussed and at the time we did not have one. I walked into my next marketing meeting with my supervisor after that conference full of ideas and at the top of my list was -We need a blog! This was July 3rd.... here we are mid-September and my dear co-worker who has taken on the task of being our first author has sent me multiple postings but the blog I was insistent about having kept getting pushed to the side due to other work responsibilities.

Our first blog author is Allison. She is a full time working mother of 2 awesome kiddos, a wife to a busy school teacher and high school football coach and a long distance caregiver to her aging parents. Allison is one of those people you just can't help but love. She is full of energy & positivity, treats her staff and those around her with the utmost respect and can always make you laugh!

Here is a little bit of background on her caregiving situation. Allison grew up in Cleveland and that is where her parents still reside. About a decade ago her loving mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately she has Secondary Progressive MS and her lesions are located on both her brain and her spine. Up until this past July, Allison's father was her mother's primary caregiver but due to the severity of her illness the decision was made to move her into a nursing home after she had to undergo surgery on an infected wound. Decisions like moving a parent into what they may refer to as "the ultimate death" like Allison's mom did, are not easy ones to make. I invite you to follow along on her journey, as she shares with us all about caring from a distance and motherhood.

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